Sephora Haul!

Sephora Haul

So, this weekend I had a 20% off coupon to use at Sephora. I’m not sure if this was only available to VIB’s or all Beauty Insider’s. If you aren’t aware, (and I wasn’t aware myself until recently) Sephora has three levels of their rewards membership. Anyone  can register for a Beauty Insider membership, which gets you rewards as you rack up points and includes you in special offers. After you spend an embarrassing amount of money at Sephora, you become qualified to be a Very Important Beauty Insider (VIB). An even more embarrassing sum gets you VIB Rouge  status. Let’s not talk about that though, shall we? I try not to think about how much I am personally keeping Sephora in business.

The items that ended up in bag are:

NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil for Face & Eyes –  This is a cleansing oil (duh) that emulsifies into a milky cleanser when you add warm water to it on your face. Perfect for removing makeup – including stubborn eye makeup.
Origins Eye Doctor – This is a very good, no-frills, eye cream. I haven’t started using anti-aging products regularly (yet) and this eye cream is perfect for day and night and keeps the delicate eye area moisturized and happy.
Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream – I needed a new night cream that will help my skin battle the cold, dry, winter air without being too heavy. Hoping that this is the one!
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter – I have this in the ginormo tub and decided to grab it in the mini size for when I am traveling. If you have never used this or smelled it then run, do not walk, to your nearest Sephora and and smell this. I am OBSESSED with how this smells. OB. SESSED.
Urban Decay Grind House – It’s a dual-sided pencil sharpener, albeit an excellent one.
Stila In the Light Palette – Alright, I have no excuses for this one. You don’t have any idea how long I stood in front of the Stila display telling myself that this palette isn’t THAT similar to the Naked palette (it is) and that I really did need another neutral eyeshadow palette (I really don’t). It’s just so PRETTY. I cannot wait to play with this beauty. Oh God, I have such a problem and need to enter makeup rehab. But don’t worry, I promise a full post on this which will hopefully convince you all to buy another eyeshadow palette you don’t need either. If I have no self-control, at least I can take the rest of you down with me 😉

Aside from the Stila palette, I really did need everything else I bought . I have been hunting for a night cream for eons and I have just about killed off both my eye cream and my cleanser/makeup remover. Perhaps soon I’ll do an empties post? Is that something anyone would be interested in?

Have you given into the shopping fairies lately? What has been your most recent guilt-laden purchase?

United in shopper’s (almost) remorse,


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