#JuneBBC Day 6 || Disappointing Buys

Disappointing purchases, it has happened to us all, one way or another. If you are like me, you research everything to death before you buy it. Sometimes though, a bad egg manages to slip through. Whether it’s an impulse buy that just doesn’t pan out, or a product that doesn’t live up to expectations despite best efforts to research it thoroughly; from time to time, we are stuck with a product that we just don’t love. Here is a small handful of the products that I wanted to love, but just couldn’t. I had a hard time coming up with products because if I hate something, I either give it away or get rid of it. However, these are the few that I can remember.

elf waterproof eyeliner pen

  • E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – E.L.F. is a great brand for beauty newbies and experienced gurus alike. They provide good products for extremely reasonable prices. I own quite a few products by them that I adore, this eyeliner was just not one of them. I bought this off of their website in three different shades. When first swatching them, they seemed great. The felt tip was easy to use and the product seemed well pigmented. However, the second time I opened them up, they were completely dried out. I was so disappointed! I thought maybe it was just my batch, but I have heard of this happening to other people. What a bummer!

urban decay big fatty

  • Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara – alright so, I am a mascara junkie. I love pretty much all mascaras and can be convinced to buy just about any one that I see. This particular one just didn’t work for me. I think it was mostly the brush. This brush is just so big and dense that I felt as if I couldn’t work with it. Normally, bigger is better for me where mascara wands are concerned, but this one was so dense that it seemed it couldn’t get in between my lashes. The whole wand just sort of skimmed over my lashes, not applying much product, and leaving my lashes feeling very neglected. Sad day in mascara land with this guy.

covergirl foundation

  • Covergirl Clean Foundation – Alright, confession time. I used this foundation for YEARS. Before I really got into makeup and beauty products hardcore, I was a dedicated Covergirl customer. I literally only purchased their products – I’m not sure why. I mean, I love them, they’re fantastic, but branch out a little, huh? Anyways, looking back, this was a disappointing buy that I didn’t know was disappointing. This foundation didn’t stay put, oxidized, and generally just didn’t work for me. But I just thought that’s how makeup WAS, like no matter what, makeup just looked poorly on the skin. Poor, poor, past me. I’m so glad I’ve seen the light! So yes, overall this is just not a fantastic foundation. Sad, because Covergirl does so many other products so well.

So yes, there you have it – the products that just weren’t worth the  money I spent for them. Always so sad, but live and learn, yes? Happy Thursday and I will see you all tomorrow!


If you would like to know some more about the June Beauty Blog Challenge, please check out Girl Friday’s original post on her blog here.


4 thoughts on “#JuneBBC Day 6 || Disappointing Buys

  1. Cool. I totally feel you. I’m not too bumbed about drugstore flops because they are cheap. What I do now with high end is buy samples. Right now I have 2 Benefit samples on the way. The only other avenue is to shop at Ulta. I’m not sure about Sephora but at Ulta you can open something, use it and bring it back.

    • That’s a really good idea to buy samples, if only because it takes me FOREVER to finish up a full sized product! I’m pretty sure you can also return items to Sephora, but I hate to do that because it’s not like they can resell it and it just gets thrown away.

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